For Co-gen Power plant Circulated fluidized Bed (CFB) boiler

Commonly used Capacity from 25t/h to 480t/h, pressure from 3.8Mpa to 9.8Mpa (38bar to 98bar), steam temperature up to 540C, Thermal efficiency up to 92% is expected. According to the capacity, the technology could produce boiler with capacity over 1000t/h and pressure above 20Mpa (ultra critical).

For smaller power plant there are boilers with CFB technology that capacity could be as small as 10t/h, if the application requires (calls) for it.

Advantages : high thermal efficiency, flexible coal quality (as low as 3200Kcal/kg) LHV, combustion Desox , low Nox burning, stable operation.
Dis-advantages: yearly maintenances require, higher operating cost and equipment cost.