Mechanical Work

 Relying on its long experience as equipment & plant designer and the capabilities of its Research & Testing center, FSK has a large expertise in process and mechanics. Our expertise applies to various processes, either on new plant projects or on modernization operations, from crushing to end-product packing.

FSK has been developing and supplying sustainable equipment for different industries across the country to enhance their plant’s performances in terms of energy savings and product quality.

Our expertise includes Design, Fabrication, Testing, Commissioning and Erection of all types of:

  • Storage Tanks.
  • Pressure Vessels.
  • Steel Structures.
  • Overhead cranes.
  • Piping Works.
  • Plumbing Design includes Drains, Waste and Vent Systems.
  • Chillers & Central Cooling Plants.
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems.

Features that differentiate us from the market are:

  • In house Computer Aided Drawing team to establish the sizing of heavy mechanical parts of proprietary equipment.
  • Mechanical Computing used to reach optimization.
  • Assessment of the fatigue effect.
  • Consultancy to improve mechanical stability.

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